Here is some more information about the drop in center we run and also a shout out to all our wonderful sponsors!
We are committed to serving individuals and their families who need help coping with mental ill health. Our drop in centre welcomes everyone who needs support no matter what the problem is, nothing is insignificant. We are that friendly face for people to chat to us without any judgement. 
We hug the hurt, befriend the lost and love the lonely
All of our volunteers have mental health and suicide prevention training and have lived experiences of mental ill health. 

Raising awareness of mental ill health and suicide. 

Talking about suicide is vital to erase the stigma's of mental ill health

We have a memorial bench for Craig where people to sit and chat.  


Suicide is a silent killer that creeps up on an individual, its the biggest killer of men under the age of 40 and latest studies report that 84 men die every week from suicide. 

A third of all registered deaths by suicide are male...


Official figures of suicide registered deaths in the UK from ONS,
 2015 – 5046 
2016 – 4972 
2017 – 5173 
2018 – 5465 
2019 - 5691 

Suicide illness is the single ONLY disease that is open season for judgement, shame and condemnation. 

Suicide illness is the ONLY disease for which our culture expects grieving loved ones to feel the burden of guilt and shame on top of anguish. Suicide illness is the ONLY disease for which the victims are regarded as perpetrators of a crime. Sufferers of suicide illness are often the brightest, smartest, kindest, most creative and loving people in the world. And tragically their deep capacity for love enables their great ability to hide their suffering. This well intentioned component increases their isolation which feeds their illness until it overtakes and kills them. They die from a cruel illness that reached the terminal stage. 

Victims of suicide illness feel ashamed and afraid and unable to reach out for help. In providing a roadmap towards support and services, Facebook and other forums are helping to change the cultural climate that makes people in complete agony feel that they must hide it and fight alone.

 Please help us raise awareness and eradicate the stigma! 


SUICIDE and what we know....

ONE death by suicide effects approx 135 people.....


168 recorded deaths by suicide in Essex, including Southend and Thurrock.


In the Basildon Borough, 10 deaths by suicide was registered in 2021.

People effected.....

Basildon Borough = 1350

Essex = over 20,000 people!!!

Our mission is to try to reduce these very sad figures.

Our services provide prevention, intervention and post-vention support.